Finishing/Stress Relieve

From Tumbling to Bead Blasting, your finished products will look and perform their best.

Achieving the right finish for your parts is critical for durability and performance. For high-precision parts, such as ultra-high precision optics for the defense industry, low luster or lusterless finishing can be crucial. We utilize a variety of finishing processes, including production tumbling and bead blasting.

Production Tumbling

Our advanced production tumbling techniques produce highly effective surfaces on metal and plastic parts.

Bead Blasting

Bead Blasting presents an effective finishing technique for producing a great surface finish. This is particularly effective for optical parts where a lusterless finish is necessary.

We use air pressure to shoot tiny glass beads, cleaning the impurities from the part’s surface. For metal parts, glass beads are one of the gentlest abrasive-blasting materials for the most precise control of finishing over the work surface. We offer several types of MIL Spec beads as well as Aluminum Oxide.

Stress Relieve

Ability to stress relive parts in a programable oven from ambient temp to 500 degrees F with multiple times and temperature changes and time holds available.

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